One night, without warning, the world goes mute. Every person in the world is rendered unable to speak. 

Jemma, a young librarian, thrives a little too well. She's being watched, and she and a new friend are in danger of disappearing completely. 

Faced with the choice to follow the rules or to survive, Jemma takes a chance, leaving certainty and stability behind.



The Event silenced the world in an instant. After the chaos died down and telepathy became the norm, Jemma and her new friend Jack started asking too many questions. 

Now, scientists are holding them captive, forcing Jemma and Jack to cooperate with endless experiments. Escaping their facility is the first step, and it may turn out to be the easiest.




Jemma is no longer "just" a librarian. She's at the center of a project that could mean life or death for the entire human race.


She and Jack must find a way to change what they know to be true, to overcome pain and setbacks and save not only themselves, but also everyone the care about.


They'll take on their biggest fears in this thrilling conclusion to the Muted Trilogy.